The Stregucci Story

It all started like this

In 2002, Franco Stregapede and Amalia “Amy” Mucci (business and life partners), left Italy for Canada at the age of 32 and 33 respectively, to ensure that Amy would return to her native origins and to be closer to her family. Meanwhile Franco (like most immigrants) encountered multiple difficulties: changes in language, jobs, friendships, climate and the approach to a society of a Western culture. He did this in order to start fresh in a new country and to achieve a better standard of living.

While trying to integrate into the system, Franco (not being able to speak French or English), immediately began to work as a welder, (also because he did not need the languages to communicate with the welding machines). At the same time, he immediately began some French language evening courses while working. He worked as a welder for at least 4 years, while Amy, master of the Canadian languages and culture, began to teach her mother tongue for several private schools.

The gift of Stregucci

In their fourth year of life in Canada, Franco and Amy decided to return to Italy to pay a visit to his family. They enjoyed a few very welcome days visiting the family in Rome. On their return to Canada, they brought with them some small gifts given to them by Franco’s mother, including a so called floor mop named Capa, (an exclusive Italian product), with an insignificant appearance without knowing, this gift would turn out to be the object which started up the importation and distribution of hygienic products of the company “STREGUCCI”.

Filling a Canadian need

It all began after giving this mop to friends and acquaintances. Upon wanting to repurchase one and not being able to find one of the same quality in the city, they turned to Franco and asked for another one. Franco talked it over with his ever-present partner Amy who came up with the idea :‘’Why don’t we give everyone the opportunity and an alternative to save while taking advantage of a good product with the primary goal of safeguarding and respecting the Environment.” The mop (and other products) are made with biodegradable materials and completely recyclable. In 2007 , Franco and Amy set out on this remarkable adventure, giving the name STREGUCCI to their company. The name was inspired by combining their two surnames: Stregapede & Mucci. In 2015, Franco took the reins of the company, becoming president and incorporating it as STREGUCCI INC.

Making our mark

Today, we find a wide range of products for hygiene and cleaning with the STREGUCCI brand in the Canadian market, imported exclusively from Italy and produced by the best Italian manufacturers on the world market. The company is always in search of new, quality products, and constantly expanding. Every time someone asks Franco the question “How do you manage and do you continue with all the difficulties you encounter in the market?” He always replies: “The key is Patience, Respect and Honesty. These open all doors.”

About Our Products

With more than 40 years of experience in the industry, Stregucci continues to provide the best in Italian cleaning products. Our decades of experience allows us to offer our customers a full line-up of cleaning tools and products, which all meet the highest Stregucci standards:

Italian Made


Environmentally Friendly